China officially issued the fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Deep Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Development Plan

China officially issued the " Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Deep Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Development Plan to comprehensively deploy the focus of the development of in-depth integration of industrialization and industrialization during the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan, and accelerate For the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, we will continue to do a good job in the deep integration of the two technologies. In terms of overall goals, by 2025, informatization and industrialization will achieve integrated development in a wider, deeper, and higher level. A new generation of information technology will accelerate its penetration into various fields of manufacturing, with a significant expansion in scope and continuous deepening of the degree. The quality has greatly improved, and the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry has accelerated significantly. The “National Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization Development Index” is selected, which is a quantitative indicator that can comprehensively reflect the actual results of the in-depth integration of industrialization and industrialization.

The plan is proposed to improve the supply and support capabilities of intelligent manufacturing, to carry out key common technology research and integrated applications in the process of design, technology, testing, production and processing, accelerate the softwareization of industrial technology, and overcome a number of major short-board equipment and Major technical equipment . Focusing on key equipment fields such as machinery, automobiles, aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronics, and electric power, build digital workshops and smart factories, build a digital twin system for the full life cycle of equipment, and promote large-scale applications of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) , Relying on the industrial Internet platform to realize the predictive maintenance and health management of equipment.

The plan proposes to promote new software tools such as cloud-based design software (CAX), cloud-based enterprise resource planning system (ERP), cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES), cloud-based supply chain management system (SCM), and share design models and production Data, user usage information, product databases, etc., are based on the Industrial Internet to improve the efficiency of manufacturing resource allocation.

The plan proposes that relying on the industrial Internet platform to achieve high-level and high-efficiency lightweight design, concurrent design, agile design, interactive design and model-based design, change traditional design methods, and improve R&D quality and efficiency. Develop platform-based and virtualized simulation design tools , cultivate a new model of platform-based design, promote the integration of design, process, manufacturing, and operation and maintenance, realize production without physical prototypes, shorten the development cycle of new products, and enhance product competitiveness.

The plan proposes to cultivate new smart products such as industrial-grade smart hardware, smart robots, smart connected cars, smart ships, unmanned aerial vehicles, smart wearable devices, and smart homes . Develop scenario-based applications based on smart products, accelerate the application and promotion of smart products in key industries such as industry, transportation, medical care, education, defense science and engineering, health and elderly care, and serve to support industrial transformation and upgrading and residents' consumption upgrade.

The plan proposes to carry out research on key cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital twins , break through the core technical bottlenecks such as core electronic components and basic software, and accelerate the process of digital industrialization. Through product testing, marketization and industrialization guidance, accelerate the cultivation and development of the integrated support industry of industrial chips, smart sensors, industrial control systems, and industrial software, and enhance the ability of industrial support.

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