Chinese chip is first used in secondary equipment of UHV substation

 According to Feiteng's official release, recently, Wuhan 1000 kV substation has recently completed a bid for secondary equipment to connect to the grid, based on Feiteng platform CPU products "domestic independent controllable chip DC UHV relay protection application" Project solutions are on the list. This is the first time that domestically-made independent controllable chips have been applied to secondary equipment in UHV substations.

As a representative of the power infrastructure, the UHV substation is safe or not related to the overall safety of the power grid. It is of great significance to realize the autonomous controllability of its core chip. This time, the safety protection equipment for UHV substations based on Feiteng’s CPU has been tested for grid connection and has passed special tests. It will promote the application of autonomous controllable chips in power grid projects, and provide “cores” for the power industry to achieve safe, controllable, and digital transformation. 

According to reports, there are 25 types of newly-built secondary and communication equipment in Wuhan UHV substations, including 10 types of protection equipment, 12 types of automation, DC power supply, and auxiliary equipment, and 3 types of communication equipment. IT Home is informed that, through full demonstration, all 10 types of protective equipment will be piloted with independently controllable chips, 5 types of automation, DC power supply, and the auxiliary equipment will be piloted, and 1 type of communication equipment will be piloted, a total of 16 types of chip equipment will be piloted. , The trial rate of self-controllable chips is 64%.

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