Cooler Master launched Yanshen P360 water-cooled radiator

Cooler Master released the Yanshen P360 integrated water-cooled radiator today. The product adopts a dual-cavity water-cooled head design, which separates hot and cold liquids, and is equipped with an ARGB fan as standard. The product is compatible with Intel's 12th-generation Core LGA 1700 interface and provides a variety of buckles to choose from. The initial price is 1499 yuan.

This product adopts a new double-chamber water head design. Compared with the traditional ordinary water cooling head, the flow rate is increased by nearly 34% . The built-in ceramic shaft can effectively reduce the noise generated during operation. The maximum noise of the pump itself does not exceed 15dBA, which is achieved. The stratified flow of cold and hot water inside the water pump greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency and the service life of the water block.

The copper bottom area of ​​the water block is as high as 62x56mm, which can fully cover the larger top cover of the Intel 12th generation CPU, with more contact and more uniform heat conduction.

Yanshen P360 is equipped with a new thickened high-density bow-shaped fin design water drain, which increases the width of the water channel and reduces the flow resistance without changing the appearance of the water drain. The heat dissipation area of ​​the water cooling row is about 25% higher than that of the previous generation. ,

This radiator is equipped with a second-generation high-performance fan with an air volume of 72.37 CFM while maintaining a low level of noise.

Cooler Master Yanshen P360 water-cooled radiator is compatible with AM4, AM3+, AM2, TR4, and LGA 1700/1200/2066/1151 CPU interfaces, and comes standard with a variety of buckles and accessories. The heat dissipation capacity of the product can reach 300W, and the individual control of each lamp bead can be easily achieved through the MasterPlus + software.

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