FiiO K9 PRO flagship desktop decoding amp is on sale in limited quantities

FiiO officially released the K9 PRO flagship desktop decoding amp in August 2021. This product is large in size, uses a wired power supply, and has complete interfaces. The product is equipped with the AK4499EQ DAC chip of Japan's AKM company  . Due to the fire in the chip factory, the chip will no longer be produced, so the FiiO K9 PRO will be sold in limited quantities, and subsequent products will replace the chip.

The front of the FiiO K9 PRO has XLR, 4.4mm double-balanced interface, and 6.35mm single-ended headphone output. The back of the product provides multiple input methods such as coaxial, optical fiber, and USB. In addition to acting as an amp, this product can also be used as a front-end and decoder of the audio system.

This product adopts the THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifier technology dedicated to the desktop amplifier. The chip is customized, which can meet the long-term high-power and stable work. The product has multiple LDO independent power supplies, graded power supply to ensure low noise. The product uses a linear transformer with Japanese nice icon capacitor filtering. The digital power supply part adopts an isolation transformer, which is physically separated from the analog part to reduce noise interference.

The product provides three levels of headphone gain, and the product supports connecting to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and controlling it with an App. In terms of output power, FiiO K9 PRO's single-ended output can reach 1900mW 32Ω, and the balanced output can reach 2000mW (32Ω), 1100mW (300Ω).

At present, the product has been sold in limited quantities at offline dealers one after another, and the online appointment has been opened and will officially go on sale at 10:00 on November 17th.

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