FSP launched a new external power supply

FSP announced the launch of the new U3 series power adapter, which is 50% smaller than the old model. According to reports, FSP’s new U3 series power adapters are available in 90W, 120W, 135W, 150W and 180W. The volume is reduced by half compared with the previous generation FSP N3 series. In addition, the L-shaped 90-degree wire design is adopted to reduce the damage to the wire connector and improve User satisfaction.

According to the official, the new FSP U3 series adapters are smaller in size than smartphones, with a thickness of only 1 inch. They use mature and reliable technology and have a conversion efficiency of over 90%. They also have advanced power supply and temperature surge protection devices and built-in power factor correction circuits. . This series of power adapters are suitable for various consumer devices such as AIO computers, game notebooks, NUC, etc., and have passed UL, TUV, CCC, FCC, CE and CB safety certifications.

FSP claims that as the computing power of computer electronic devices becomes more powerful, their required power wattage also increases. The FSP U3 series meets the challenge of this trend, providing excellent load capacity and efficiency in an extremely thin and light package. In response to the ever-increasing energy efficiency and the need for lighter size, FSP has launched the smallest external power supply ever-the FSP U3 series of ultra-thin external power supplies.

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