German manufacturer today launched Light Wings series cooling fans

German manufacturer be quiet! today launched Light Wings series cooling fans. This series of products are available in two sizes of 120mm and 140mm, as well as the normal version and the model with its own ARGB halo. This is also the first time the brand has launched a fan with lights.

The Light Wings series products are all designed with a silent design, and the fan blades have a unique pattern. The lighting effect of this fan is different from other brands. It is placed on the surface with a ring light strip, containing 6 independent RGB LED lights, and a soft transition is achieved through a diffuse reflector. The fan provides a three-piece set for purchase and comes with a six-channel ARGB lighting controller, which can be compatible with the lighting setting software of the motherboard.

This series of fans are available in low-speed and high-speed versions, both of which support the PWM function. The maximum speed of the 12cm model is 1700 rpm/2500 rpm, and the maximum speed of the 14cm model is 1500 rpm/2200 rpm. The price of the high-speed version remains unchanged. The product adopts thickened frame and adjusted blade shape to balance performance and volume. According to the official, the fan uses long-life hydraulic bearings, with a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours .

Light Wings series fans will be on sale on November 23. The prices are as follows:

Fan without light:

  • 120 mm standard version, 22.90 euros
  • 120 mm high-speed version, 22.90 euros
  • 120 mm standard version, 23.90 euros
  • 120 mm high-speed version, 23.90 euros

ARGB version three fan set:

  • 120 mm standard version, 69.90 euros
  • 120 mm high-speed version, 69.90 euros
  • 140 mm standard version, 72.90 euros
  • 140 mm high-speed version, 72.90 euros

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