Gigabyte will release the cheapest motherboard on the Z690 chipset for under $ 200

As a compromise, the Z690M DS3H DDR4 lacks PCIe 5.0 support

Intel fans are a lot like Apple fans. Remember when AMD released processors with support for the PCIe 4.0 interface, many of our readers assured that a fast solid-state drive is not needed at all, because in games there is almost no difference between SSD Sate 3 and M2? This means that there is no point in chasing speeds, and overpayment is generally useless. Apparently, Intel's management had their own opinion on this matter, because within the framework of the Alder Lake generation, the first release of motherboards with support for PCIe 5.0 took place. It turns out that Intel not only caught up with AMD, but also outstripped the competitor in the corner, offering a hitherto unheard-of speed.

In fact, PCIe 5.0 is just a pretty figure, because for at least another six months, there will be no solid-state drives on sale with support for the next generation interface. Perhaps in early 2022, several updated versions of NVIDIA video cards will appear, including the 12 GB GeForce RTX 3080 and the 21 Gbps GeForce RTX 3090 Ti. All this means only one thing: today, Intel fans consider it an advantage to be a virtually non-working technology, the previous version of which they themselves criticized. 

Since smart users prefer to go for the most efficient assembly that offers the best performance at the lowest price point, PCIe 5.0 support has become a stumbling block that keeps motherboard manufacturers from lowering the price of their products. Well, a start has been made, because Gigabyte With a light wave of the hand, it removed PCIe 5.0, limiting itself to supporting the fourth generation interface. It is important to understand that we are talking about the flagship Z690 chipset, and the cost of the Z690M DS3H DDR4 board will be under $ 200. Since there are no miracles, and the product is delivered in a micro-ATX form factor, it has not been without a budget power system and the absence of premium components that owners of motherboards based on flagship chipsets are used to. In theory, this board can handle the Core i9-12900K as well, but overclocking can be problematic, so it's better to stick with a less power hungry processor.

In addition, Gigabyte limited itself to support for DDR4 RAM, which allows you not to sit waiting for a miracle , because there is no new generation of RAM in retail. In all other respects, we have a familiar product, with one PCIe 4.0 slot, two M.2 slots, as well as three USB 3.0 ports, one USB Type-C of the second generation. Gigabyte has not officially announced the price of the new Z690M DS3H DDR4 motherboard, but plans to position it exactly as the cheapest product on the flagship chipset.

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