Google Pixel 2 XL mobile phone gets the first Android 12 customized ROM

According to previous information, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will never officially receive Google's Android 12 system. However, thanks to unofficial custom ROM development, the Pixel phone released in 2017 can now get the latest operating system updates.

The last official version of Google's mobile operating system available to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users is Android 11-this version will be released at the end of 2020. This means you will miss the large-scale improvements that are coming as part of the Android 12 update-Material You, color-based themes, privacy dashboards, enhanced widgets, etc.

Now, the unofficial build version of the popular ProtonAOSP ROM provides a way for everyone to explore Android 12 on Pixel 2 XL. In addition, a build version of the smaller Pixel 2 will also come soon.

Through ProtonAOSP ROM, Pixel 2 XL users will get all the core features added in Android 12, as well as some additional adjustments and features to ensure that it runs smoothly on fairly outdated hardware. This unofficial version of ProtonAOSP is actually provided as a factory mirror, which means you can flash this unique Android 12 version on Pixel 2 XL, just like other factory mirrors. If you encounter problems or fail to refresh, then you may need to upgrade the system partition on the device. There is a dedicated guide on the XDA forum that allows you to complete this process step by step.

This customized ROM will bring new vitality to Pixel 2 XL because it has a dedicated one-handed mode, complete Material You and dynamic color adjustment, and more functions in it. However, it is worth noting that since this is a customized ROM, you may encounter some bugs and experience problems. But for Pixel 2 XL users, this is currently the only way you can get Android 12 on your smartphone.

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