Google Pixel 6 and other mobile phones will automatically make calls

 Last month, Google officially released Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro mobile phones, the new phones have a refreshing design, upgraded camera hardware, Google self-developed Tensor SoC, the latest version of the Android System, and so on. However, many users have recently reported that on multiple Pixel devices (including Pixel 6), their phones will make calls to people for no reason.

The main problem reported by users is that sometimes their mobile phone will automatically light up and start calling contacts, who seem to be randomly selected from the mobile phone contact list. Users report that the problem occurs on different Pixel devices, not only Pixel 6, but also Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a. The user said that this problem made him very anxious, which would harass his friends and possibly generate high phone bills.

Some users checked the history of their mobile assistant Assistant and found that Assistant was "telled" to make calls , even though some users were sleeping. Therefore, some users on Reddit seem to have found a fix, which is to disable the "OK Google" wake word detection. Some users said that after they disabled the lock screen Assistant, similar problems never occurred.

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