Google Pixel 6a cheap model configuration exposure

91mobiles and OnLeaks had previously exposed the Pixel 6a renderings, which looked similar to the Pixel 6 series. It was reported that it has a 6.2-inch screen, which is smaller than the Pixel 6 series.

Recently, 9To5Google discovered the configuration information of Pixel 6a through APK unpacking and confirmed the existence of the phone. It will be equipped with the same Tensor GS101 chip of Pixel 6/Pro.

In terms of lens configuration, Google Pixel 6a will be equipped with 3 cameras, 2 rear and 1 front:

  • 12.2 MP IMX363 main camera (same as Pixel 5a)
  • 12 MP IMX386 ultra-wide-angle
  • 8 MP IMX355 front

As can be seen from the previously exposed renderings, the Pixel 6a rendering shows a centered hole-drilling screen and the "explosion-proof shield" rear lens module consistent with the Pixel 6 series. The phone will have dark and light colors for the back cover, which looks not as colorful as the Pixel 6 series, but as a cheap model, there are bound to be trade-offs.

Qualcomm said earlier that it would continue to cooperate with Google to provide the latter with Snapdragon chipsets. However, judging from the information currently exposed, Google and Qualcomm's cooperation on Pixel devices may become less and less.

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