Hisense releases new vacuum and ultra-thin refrigerators with a built-in rotor air system

Hisense released a vacuum ultra-thin refrigerator equipped with a fresh air system. As the first refrigerator equipped with Rotor Fresh Air technology, it can effectively reduce temperature fluctuations and change dirt into freshness.

The rotary-wing fresh air system of Hisense vacuum ultra-thin refrigerator can realize intelligent cooling. The left and right rotary-wing guide fan blades, waterfall-type multi-angle dynamic and uniform air supply, all-round coverage, and air supply without dead ends. During defrosting, the air outlet of the rotor is intelligently closed, and the hot air from the defrosting is blocked twice so that the temperature of the refrigerating room is more constant, and the constant temperature and freshness are conducive to the storage of food materials. In addition, the somatosensory intelligent constant temperature system intelligently senses the temperature of the food and cools it on demand to avoid insufficient cooling and damage to the food.

The upgraded integrated bending all-metal air duct backplane used in the rotor fresh air system extends to the all-metal material for the fruit and vegetable box cover. The cooling efficiency is increased by 2250 times, the food material is cooled quickly, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and the food is stored more fresh. Not only that, with the blue light antibacterial, and the delivery of sterile ion fresh air, 24-hour uninterrupted purification of the air, changing the dirt to freshness, and ensuring that the food does not smell.

In addition to the fresh air system, Hisense vacuum and ultra-thin refrigerators use VIP vacuum insulation panels, which have the outstanding advantages of being thinner, large space, long-term temperature, low energy consumption, and more environmentally friendly. The application of VIP vacuum insulation panels effectively optimizes the original foam layer The thickness and the thin wall are only 33mm, and the ultra-thin body is achieved on the basis of ensuring a large volume. This refrigerator effectively prolongs the taste of the ingredients, maintains the original taste and taste of the ingredients, and is moisturizing without condensation. The VC retention rate is up to 94%, the chlorophyll retention rate is up to 92%, the nutrient loss is small, and the natural fruits are full of moisture. , Vegetables are green and fresh.

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