Honeycomb Energy's second-generation L600 short-blade lithium iron phosphate battery will be launched next year

Honeycomb Energy announced that after the first-generation L600 short-blade lithium iron phosphate battery cell was mass-produced at the Jintan factory in Changzhou at the end of October, the second-generation product has been developed and is expected to Mass production will be realized in the third quarter of 2022.

Honeycomb Energy's second-generation L600 lithium iron phosphate battery has the same specifications as the previous generation, with a length of 600mm, but the cell capacity is increased to 196Ah, the energy density exceeds 185wh/kg, and the volumetric energy density exceeds 430wh/L, which is an industry-leading level.

The official said that based on this battery, it can achieve a 550km cruising range of A-class models, and can achieve 1.6C fast charging under high energy density, which can meet 80% charging in 30 minutes.

The Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the "Lithium-ion Battery Industry Specification Conditions (2021 Edition)" (draft for comments), proposing that in the new construction of power battery projects, the energy density of energy-based power battery projects should be ≥180Wh/kg. The group energy density should be ≥120Wh/kg. Yang Hongxin, chairman and CEO of Honeycomb Energy, believes that the index of "energy density of energy-based power battery projects should be ≥180Wh/kg" is achievable for leading companies that insist on technological innovation, but for battery companies with backward technology. In other words, there will be a certain degree of difficulty.

Currently, Honeycomb Energy is planning a new lithium iron phosphate battery project, the energy density will reach more than 180wh/kg.

Honeycomb Energy will fully introduce the AI ​​factory construction plan in the global manufacturing base under construction and planning , and realize AI + capacity inspection, AI + intelligent welding (online non-destructive 100% full inspection), AI laser Intelligent functions such as intelligent welding and AI self-discharge detection. At present, the mass-produced cobalt-free batteries and the first-generation L600 short-blade lithium iron phosphate batteries are all adopting automotive-grade AI smart manufacturing standards.

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