How Redmi "hung" in the air the logo on the back of the Redmi Note 11 Trend Limited Edition?

At the launch event for the Redmi Note 11 series, in addition to the three models, the company also unveiled the Redmi Note 11 Trend Limited Edition special edition. This edition received the "floating" Redmi logo.

Lu Weibing, who is the president of Xiaomi Group China and the CEO of Redmi, posted on his Weibo page that many people are wondering what process was used to create this effect

This technological process is called the holographic suspension process. The Redmi logo on the back is not printed but formed by refracting light rays. The back panel contains glass, which consists of two layers. One has a tiny logo applied, and the other serves as a lens. At the same time, the Redmi logo consists of 110,000 tiny parts, and the accuracy of its application is 6 microns. After light passes through the lens and refracts, the image is enlarged 150 times and forms the visible Redmi logo, which is visually located at a height of 7 mm above the plane of the rear panel.

The Redmi Note 11 Trend Limited Edition smartphone will go on sale on November 11.

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