Huawei publishes patent for 3D face reconstruction

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published a patent for "face image processing method, device and vehicle" with the publication number CN113632098A.

According to the patent abstract of the company, the application is based on local facial shape features and can realize 3D face reconstruction under the condition of partially occluded or cropped face . It can be used in the field of smart cars, such as driver monitoring systems.

The application belongs to the field of machine vision and provides a face image processing method. The method first obtains the partial face shape features in the face image, and then obtains the information related to the partial person in the face database. Face samples matched by face shape features, and the face shape parameters of the face samples are obtained; then, based on the parameterized face model, the face shape parameters are used to generate a three-dimensional face model, and based on the local face area The point cloud data is fitted to complete the 3D face reconstruction.

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