Huawei's AR and VR scene map patents were authorized

The Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was granted the patent of "AR/VR Scene Map

Obtaining Method" , the publication number is CN110855601B, the application date is August 21, 2018, and the publication date is November 2021, 19th.

According to the patent summary of Qichacha, this application provides a method and device for acquiring a scene map of a head-mounted display device .

The method includes: obtaining a first image frame and a second image frame of the current scene; obtaining at least one candidate scene map, each map including at least one key frame; and performing the first image frame and the second image frame with the key frame respectively Match, determine the target key frame corresponding to each image frame; when all target key frames belong to the same candidate scene map, determine this candidate scene map as the current scene map corresponding to the current scene; load the current scene map.

Huawei just launched the VR Glass 6DoF game set at the November 17 press conference. This set includes the previously launched VR headset, as well as 6DoF vision modules, control handles, and mobile phone cooling back clips . The retail price is 3999 yuan, and it can be connected to a smart phone via a wired connection.

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