Huawei's e-reader, or MatePad paper with HarmonyOS could revolutionize information display

Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently applied for several trademarks that are expected to be used for future products. The company has registered a number of trademarks such as Matt, Petal Mail, Petal Lily, and Mate Paper.

Later it became known that on November 6, Huawei will begin testing a device with a screen in electronic ink. According to Weibo users, Huawei will soon release its futuristic ink-screen tablet, which can be called Huawei's e-book or "MatePad paper". Although the exact name has not been disclosed, it is known that the device passes under the model number HMW-1L10. The gadget should be running the HarmonyOS operating system out of the box.

The source writes that we are talking about a new generation of E Ink technology, which will revolutionize the field of information display. This is a screen that will be even closer in perception to paper and much more comfortable for the eyes than existing E Ink screens.

The presentation of the device will take place shortly.

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