iFixit disassembles Apple AirPods 3 and Beats Fit Pro

iFixit repair experts completed the disassembly of the third-generation AirPods and Beats Fit Pro in a new video, and found that its internal structure is difficult to repair.

In the video, iFixit disassembled these two Apple audio accessories and showed their internal structure. Considering their small size, both devices use "sandwich" components , including delicate cables, chips, and batteries.

iFixit needs to apply enough pressure with pliers to open the adhesive seal and wedge the tool into the two plastic parts.

Although iFixit has access to the battery, the damage they cause to the headset seems to be irrecoverable. AirPods and Beats Fit Pro are not designed to be reinstalled after being opened.

iFixit also provided some additional details about the two wireless headsets, including Apple's proprietary H1 chip and a mechanism to provide support for the company's spatial audio capabilities.

As expected, iFixit gave the third-generation AirPods and Beats Fit Pro a repairability score of 0 points (out of 10 points).

Apple has been criticized in the past for the single-use nature of its AirPods devices. In its defense, Apple said they worked closely with recyclers to ensure that these devices were properly recycled.

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