Intel celebrates 50th anniversary of Intel 4004

Today, Intel issued a document to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Intel 4004. Intel stated that this was the world's first commercial microprocessor and was released in November 1971.

Intel CEO Pat Kissinger said that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the 4004 chip. Think about how much we have achieved in the past half a century. This is the sacred moment of technology. This is the reason why computers really take off!

Public information shows that the size of the Intel 4004 processor is 3mm×4mm, with 16 pins on the outer layer and 2300 transistors inside. It adopts a five-layer design and a 10-micron manufacturing process. The 4004's original main frequency is 108KHz, the highest is 740KHz, can perform 4-bit operations, support 8-bit instruction set and 12-bit address set, using 10.8 microseconds and 21.6 microseconds operating cycle. The performance of the 4004 processor is similar to that of the early electronic computer ENIAC, which is bulky and takes up a room.

Intel claims that Intel 4004 is the pioneer of microprocessors, and its success proves that it is possible to manufacture complex integrated circuits and mount them on nail-sized chips.

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