Intel Meteor Lake GPU tiles to be manufactured by TSMC

Despite updating its roadmap, changing the names of technical processes, and promises to catch up and overtake TSMC and Samsung in a few years, Intel seems to be preparing to transfer the production of certain products to TSMC. 

According to the source, TSMC could manufacture a GPU for Intel, which will be used in Meteor Lake processors.  

Recall that these processors will receive a tiled (or chipset) configuration and not a single crystal. And the GPU tiles will be manufactured by TSMC, while the rest of the tiles will be manufactured by Intel. Interestingly, the source claims that the GPU will be manufactured using the 3nm process technology, while in general, the Meteor Lake CPU, as we know, will be manufactured using the Intel 4 (7nm) process technology.  

Considering that the graphics core in Meteor Lake will be very large (up to 192 computing units), it is not surprising that Intel wants to make it as energy efficient as possible, for which, apparently, its own technical processes at the time of the product's release will not work. 

By the way, according to the available data, Meteor Lake as a whole will be a kind of Frankenstein's monster, since it will be created using three technical processes at once: Intel 4 for the processor part, TSMC N5 or N4 for the I / O unit and TSMC N3 for the GPU.  

Meteor Lake processors will be released in 2023, replacing Raptor Lake. They will bring new architectures for large and small CPU cores, new GPUs, and new process technology.  

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