Introduced Hyundai HEO 6636 BE oven

The phrase “home” has become a metaphor for everything that is most valuable to a person: comfort, warmth, and family gatherings. In a modern home, the role of such a "hearth" is played by an oven, therefore, its versatility and attractive appearance are important.

Are you assembling your kitchen from scratch or want to fit the oven into a finished interior? In either case, Hyundai HEO 6636 BE is an excellent choice. This model can be placed at any height and does not have to be installed under the hob. The dimensions of the oven are standard: they can replace the old one or easily find a place in a new kitchen set.

If your child has invited the whole class to a birthday party, or if you yourself decide to arrange a reunion in your own kitchen, the HEO 6636 BE oven is what you need. Its volume is 60 liters. This is enough for making a roast or pie for a large company.

The functions of the grill and convector, a wide temperature range (from 50 to 250? C) allow you to solve any culinary problem, for example, bake carp until crisp, stew pork with spices, make a potato casserole, or fry wings. The presence of a timer and an automatic shutdown will allow you to combine cooking with other activities. And this model also has a defrosting function - to start cooking from frozen foods, you do not need to wait several hours.

Thanks to the built-in lighting, you can always monitor the degree of readiness of the dish without fear of accidentally getting burned. The oven door is made of three-layer heat-resistant glass, which is slightly warm from the outside even at the highest temperature inside.

When your signature dish is ready, the big company is full and happy, it's time to think about how to tidy up the oven. And it will be very simple to do it - the inner surface is covered with special easy-to-clean enamel.

Hyundai HEO 6636 BE combines modern technological filling with an elegant design, thanks to which the model will fit into any interior. A control panel and a door in the color of baked milk, metal fittings in a copper shade - this is what a modern hearth should be like!

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