iOS 15 will support the addition of driver's license and ID in early 2022

Apple has now updated the US official website. The iOS 15 wallet app will support the addition of a driver's license and ID in early 2022 so that users can use it in travel and other scenarios. Apple previously stated that the Wallet app in iOS 15 adds support for key types such as home, hotel, office, and car, allowing users to enter more daily places with a single click.

According to reports, with the support of ultra-wideband technology, users can lock, unlock and start a supported car without taking out the iPhone from their pocket or bag. It should be noted that the digital car key is applicable to iPhone XS and subsequent models and requires the participation of the vehicle manufacturer.

In addition, users can also use iPhone to unlock home, office or even hotel rooms through the key stored in the wallet App. New key support requires an iPhone running iOS 15 and compatible door locks for apartments, offices, and hotels provided by third parties.

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