iPhone 13 drops to historic lows on Singles Day at Tmall

Today, in honor of Singles Day, the price of the iPhone 13 smartphone dropped to historic lows at the Tmall site. The standard price of the iPhone 13, equipped with 128GB of flash memory, is $ 940, and during the sale the smartphone fell to $ 840.

The iPhone 13 series was a hit in the Chinese market with over 5 million pre-orders. In this case, we are talking only about orders that have been collected by third-party e-commerce platforms. More than three million of them were made through JD.com alone. This does not include pre-orders placed on the official Apple website in China.

As it became known yesterday, Apple approved an independent replacement of the iPhone 13 screen without "killing" Face ID , which was previously impossible due to a miniature microcontroller located between the display and the iPhone motherboard.

Supply chain sources claim that the supply and availability of iPhone 13 smartphones will improve over the upcoming holiday sales season.

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