iPhone 14 Pro will receive a USB-C connector

As reported by Mydrivers, citing several sources at once, Apple will switch to using the USB-C connector in the iPhone 14 Pro.

At the same time, sources name the main reasons for this. First, the transmission speed will be increased. The Lightning interface has been in use since 2012 and is still at the USB 2.0 level. Recording 1 minute of 4K ProRes video requires 6GB of storage. Such a volume is transferred to the PC for a long time through the Lightning port - a painful process. 2 hours of 720GB 4K ProRes video using the Lightning port will transfer 3 hours and 45 minutes, and over USB - just 2 minutes 38 seconds. iPhone 14 Pro is going to be more professional, so USB-C is a must.

Second, both the US and the European Union are pushing for a unified charging interface, and the iPad Pro has already switched to USB-C. The iPhone transition should take place sooner or later. It is also argued that avoiding the use of Lightning will reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

The world's first modified Phone X with a USB-C connector recently sold at auction .

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