Kioxia Introduces First EDSFF PCIe 5.0 Solid State Drives

Kioxia has announced the release of the CD7 E3.S. According to the manufacturer, these are the industry's first Enterprise and Data Center (EDSFF) E3.S SSDs equipped with a PCIe 5.0 interface.

Engineering prototypes that served as the basis for production products were presented by Kioxia at last year's Flash Memory Summit . The off-the-shelf SSDs feature increased volume, which improves energy efficiency and efficiency in rack space.

EDSFF E3.S drives are better suited for high-performance, high-performance servers and storage than the 2.5-inch legacy HDDs. In particular, the new form factor improves the thermal performance and air circulation in the rack, while the E3.S drives support a higher power budget and better signal integrity to achieve PCIe 5.0 and higher performance.

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