Kyodo-Tokyo Manufacturing launches tower-type shaking head heater

Beijing Tokyo-made has now launched a tower-style shaking head heater with 1500W power and three-speed mode. The price is 199 yuan, and the coupon is 149 yuan.

According to reports, the oscillating head heater made by Beijing Tokyo adopts a vertical design with a height of 400mm and a weight of 2.5kg. The official said that this heater has 1500W high power, equipped with FTC ceramic heating element and U-shaped corrugated heat sink. This heater has 3 modes, which can be set to natural wind, warm wind, and hot wind. It can also achieve 80° shaking head to supply air and increase the air supply area.

The whole body of the Kyotokyo-made shaking head heater adopts a white design, and the top is equipped with buttons and indicator lights, which can be used for timing and locking operations. In terms of safety, this heater uses a flame-retardant shell that supports overheating protection, dumping and power failure, and a humanized child lock.

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