LCD panel prices continue to fall, AMOLED panels continue to remain high

According to the latest report released by the research organization CINNO Research, in the fourth quarter, smartphone panel prices continued to diverge, LCD panel prices continued to fall due to weak terminal demand .

In the fourth quarter, the demand for mid-to-high-end smartphone panels continued to be strong, and the shortage of upstream driver chips remained unabated. AMOLED panel prices will continue to remain high .

The report also pointed out that after Honor’s adjustment period in the first half of the year, its smartphone sales have grown rapidly. CINNO Research data shows that Honor’s domestic smartphone sales ranking for the third quarter from July to September this year has been stable for three consecutive months. Three positions.

CINNO Research predicts that Honor's demand for flexible AMOLED panels is expected to grow by more than 50% in 2022.

The report shows that on the supply side, the upstream core component driver chip has eased after the supply shortage for many months. On the one hand, the new foundry capacity of the Hefei Jinghe production line continues to be opened. , Alleviating the shortage of chips to a certain extent; on the other hand, the brand's control of panel inventory has led to a decrease in demand for some products.

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