LCD TV panel prices continued to fall in November

The global traditional peak season stocking has basically ended, the actual demand for LCD TV panels will continue to decline, and the global LCD TV panel supply and demand environment will continue to be loose.

On the demand side, the Double Eleven promotion in the Chinese market is still in progress, but the overseas stocking peak season is over, and the overall panel stocking demand is slowing down. On the supply side, some panel makers began to lower their production levels from the end of the third quarter and continued to reduce the proportion of TV application capacity to control output, but the adjustment range was limited.

According to Qunzhi Consulting's research data, the overall price in November was in a downward channel, and the price of small size fell to a lower level, and the decline was further narrowed, and the price decline of large size also tended to narrow.

Specifically, the inventory of 32-inch panel makers has been effectively depleted, and the price decline in October has narrowed, and the decline is expected to narrow to 2 US dollars in November; the supply and demand of 39.5-43-inch panels tend to be balanced, and the price decline in October will be narrowed, and it is expected that November The decline narrowed to US$3; the export stocking demand for 50-inch panels fell, and the price dropped by more than US$20 in October. It is expected to maintain a large decline of more than US$10 in November; the supply and demand of 55- inch panels continue to be loose, and the average price in October is expected to fall by US$20. In November, it is expected to drop by US$12 ; in terms of large size, international brand demand is conservative. It is expected that the price will maintain a large decline of more than US$10 in November, but the decline will tend to narrow.

In addition, the market research agency TrendForce announced the latest panel prices in early November. The prices of 32-inch, 43-inch and other small-size TV panels fell by US$1, and large-size TV panels over 55-inches fell by about US$5. It is expected that panel prices will fall in November. It is expected to shrink to 5-8% . Compared with the monthly decline of 20-30% in the third quarter, the decline in TV panel prices has been significantly reduced. However, IT panels have gradually entered the off-season, prices have begun to weaken, and panels of all sizes have fallen across the board.

According to Fan Boyu, vice president of TrendForce’s research, TV panel prices fell sharply in the third quarter. The prices of some size panels even returned to the same period last year. The decline in panel prices has significantly converged. It is expected that by the end of this year, there will be a slow down trend, and the price decline is expected to shrink month by month.

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