Lenovo AIO520: Lenovo launched a new all-in-one machine

The Lenovo AIO520 all-in-one computer has a new configuration, equipped with an Intel i5-11320H processor, equipped with a 23.8/27-inch FHD display, and the initial launch starts at 4,999 yuan. According to reports, the Lenovo AIO520 all-in-one machine is equipped with a 23.8-inch or 27-inch 1080p screen, 72% NTSC color gamut, and 96% screen-to-body ratio. The body adopts a portable hard disk compartment design, which can quickly plug and unplug a 2.5-inch hard disk without tools. This all-in-one machine is equipped with a Harman custom audio system and a hidden 720p camera. The interface includes four USB-A interfaces and HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet ports.

In terms of configuration, the Lenovo AIO520 all-in-one computer is equipped with an Intel i5-11320H processor. This processor uses a 10nm process, 4 cores and 8 threads, a maximum of 4.5GHz, and a performance release of more than 35W. In terms of GPU, the i5-11320H is equipped with a 96EU Xe core display that was previously only available on the i7 model. The official said that this nuclear display performance is close to MX450.

In terms of price, the Lenovo AIO520 all-in-one i5+16GB+512GB 23.8-inch version will be launched at 4,999 yuan, and the 27-inch version will be launched at 5,299 yuan.

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