Lenovo ZUI13 Super Interconnect Tutorial

Lenovo held a new product launch conference earlier this month and launched Xiaoxin Pad 12.6 and other products. At the same time, Lenovo also announced a new ZUI 13 for the Pad system, bringing a new UI visual language, and pushing Back moving effect, focusing on operation, enhancing the sense of hierarchy.

ZUI 13 for Pad integrates functions such as One Vision, Super Interconnection, Privacy Aegis, Peripheral Coordination, Parallel Window, Free Split Screen, Application Floating Window, Sensitive Behavior Reminder, Almighty Card, Battery Wallpaper, etc. In addition, Lenovo has also joined the mutual transmission alliance, users can realize one-click mutual transmission.

It is said that through ZUI 13 for Pad, "the effect of 1+1>2 produced by the tablet + PC" can be realized. So? How to use the [Super Internet] of ZUI 13? Lenovo officially brought you a tutorial today, showing the operation of screen projection from the tablet to the PC and the expansion of the PC to the tablet. Let's take a look.

In addition, ZUI 13 has multiple functions, such as

  • One Vision: Open a new chapter in horizontal tablet experience;
  • Computer mode: close to the interactive experience of Windows, support multiple windows;
  • Privacy Aegis: Block apps from using the camera, microphone and location, and protect privacy more at ease;
  • Peripheral collaboration: stylus with handwriting + text drag and drop on notes, magnetic keyboard efficient shortcut keys

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