List of Intel 12th Generation Core "Frequency Locking" Processor Models: i5/i3 models missed the small core

In October, Intel’s 12th-generation Core K series non-locking frequency processors and Z690 motherboards were already on the market. With Intel 7 (10nm) technology and new large and small core architectures, they have been well received by many players. Next, Intel will also launch non-K series "frequency-locked" processors, covering i3 to i9. The following are the specifications of each model.

  • i9-12900/F: 8 large cores + 8 small cores, 2.4-5.1GHz, 30MB L3 cache
  • i7-12700/F: 8 large cores + 4 small cores, 2.1-4.9GHz, 25MB L3 cache
  • i5-12600: 6 large cores + 0 small cores, 3.3-4.8GHz, 18MB L3 cache
  • i5-12500: 6 large cores + 0 small cores, 3.0-4.6GHz, 18MB L3 cache
  • i5-12400/F: 6 large cores + 0 small cores, 2.5-4.4GHz, 18MB L3 cache
  • i3-12300: 4 large cores + 0 small cores, ??-4.4GHz, ?? MB L3 cache
  • i3-12100: 4 large cores + 0 small cores, 3.3-4.3GHz, 12MB L3 cache

Intel is expected to release new non-K series processors at CES in 2022, and B660 series motherboards will also be released at the same time. Judging from the current news, B660 series motherboards will not support PCIe 5.0, and high-end models may support DDR5 memory.

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