MediaTek announced that it will enter the Windows on ARM market

 MediaTek held an executive summit in Laguna Beach, California today, issued a series of announcements, and announced that it will launch chips for the Windows on ARM market .

"Apple has shown the world that it can be done," said Eric Fisher, vice president of sales and business development at MediaTek. He added: " The Wintel (Microsoft, Intel) partnership that has lasted so long must bear a certain amount of pressure . When there is pressure, companies like ours have opportunities."

Qualcomm's dominance in ARM-based Windows PCs has been a bumpy road. Qualcomm started with the Snapdragon 835, until the Snapdragon 8cx and the entry-level Snapdragon 7c, did not bring a big wave to the market. And MediaTek seems to be more likely to start competing with the Snapdragon 7c, which has previously developed chips for Chromebooks.

In addition, MediaTek is also manufacturing 5G modems for Intel-powered PCs. The two companies signed a partnership in 2019, which means that MediaTek has established an indirect relationship with PC OEMs.

But the biggest problem is that MediaTek did not disclose when it will launch chips for the Windows on ARM market, because the plan is still in the early stages.

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