MediaTek: There is only one company in the world that has a chip heating problem

MediaTek released the Dimensity 9000 flagship processor, using TSMC’s 4nm process. This chipset is definitely likely to steal some of the limelight from Qualcomm and Samsung’s 2022 chips.

MediaTek’s vice president and general manager of marketing Finbarr Moynihan expressed confidence in the processor in an interview with Android Authority. He said: “I think everyone understands that it (the Snapdragon 888 series) does not provide A promised or expected experience, right? I think what I want to say is that we are very confident, and obviously we are providing samples of this chip to our main customers, and the feedback we get is pretty positive."

Moynihan also said: "When it comes to comparisons between devices, we believe that next year's flagship product will have an advantage in terms of power consumption . Of course, we expect all mainstream manufacturers to switch to 4nm design in 2022 (whether it is TSMC Samsung), this should lead to better power efficiency."

"There is only one company that has a problem with fever. And it's not us." MediaTek's global public relations director Kevin Keating added, "Competitors like to make a fuss about MediaTek, but we don't have a fever problem."

Another potential concern for MediaTek and the entire industry is the shortage of global chips, but MediaTek is not worried about this, saying that it is confident that it has secured sufficient production capacity for high-end products next year.

It is also worth noting that Dimensity 9000 does not actually support millimeter waves. But Moynihan said that the first batch of Dimensity chips supporting millimeter wave will be launched next year, and the positioning is lower than Dimensity 9000.

Moynihan also emphasized that MediaTek hopes to enter the Windows on ARM field, although the company believes this is a long-term goal, not a direct goal. In fact, the company is likely to wait for the expiration of the current exclusivity agreement between Microsoft and Qualcomm before it will play its fist on the Windows system on ARM.

Of course, whether MediaTek executives' claims are true or not, the answer can only be known when the mobile phone equipped with Dimensity 9000 is tested after it goes on the market.

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