MediaTek will demonstrate Wi-Fi 7 technology at CES 2022

MediaTek executives said today that they will demonstrate Wi-Fi 7 technology at CES 2022 in January next year.

"We will participate in Wi-Fi 7 technology. We hope to be a leader, and the era of meta universe will belong to us," MediaTek vice president of product marketing James Chen joked at an event of the company.

Compared with Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E adds a new 6GHz frequency band. Currently, it is only supported by very expensive routers, such as Netgear’s $600 RAXE500. Kevin Keating, Global Public Relations Director of MediaTek, said: "I don't think the price of Wi-Fi chipsets will drop anytime soon."

"In the past 18 months, the cost growth we have experienced is the most different I have seen in my 24 years in the industry." Keating added: "There will be small reductions in some areas, but I think we It's in the new normal."

Wi-Fi 6E technology has begun to appear in high-end smartphones, and MediaTek released some new Wi-Fi 6E chipsets at the conference.

Chen said that Wi-Fi 7 will bring significant improvements over 6E. One is in terms of speed. He said: "If you use the same number of antennas as Wi-Fi 6E on Wi-Fi 7 products, the speed will increase 2.4 times. From Wi-Fi 6 to 6E, there is no increase in speed, but a new frequency band is added."

The speed increase is only one of the advantages of Wi-Fi 7. Chen also explained that this new standard will also greatly reduce latency, which will be of great help to games and other applications where every millisecond is important. Intriguingly, he said that Wi-Fi 7 will be "friendly" with your neighbor's Wi-Fi 7 network, using new technologies to reduce signal interference from outside your home.

However, Chen also pointed out that the Wi-Fi Alliance is still in the "early stage of the Wi-Fi 7 standardization process" and he cannot disclose the specific date when the Wi-Fi 7 standard is finalized, but he said that although the standard is "still evolving." , But the Wi-Fi 7 standard is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2022. According to this timetable, the technology is expected to be launched in 2023.

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