Microsoft Windows 11 runs faster than Linux

As early as in its 2021 Architecture Day event, when Intel shared the core design details of the Alder Lake CPU architecture, it said that the optimization method of Windows 11 is to make the best use of Alder. Lake's performance hybrid architecture and new thread supervisor technology to help Windows 11 task scheduling.

To test these claims and see how Alder Lake performs on Linux on Windows 11, the hardware website Phoronix decided to do an in-depth study and benchmark the recently launched Alder Lake-S series Core i9-12900K, which is Intel The 12th generation desktop flagship chip.

The test platform consists of the following parts:

  • Core i9-12900K processor
  • 64GB Corsair DDR5-4400
  • Windows 11 Pro Build 22000

Overall, the Intel Core i9-12900K performed impressively on the Windows 11 platform, beating the Linux system in most tests. Although more tests were conducted (104 items in total), only some of the most interesting results are shown here.

First, there are some browser and web application benchmark tests using Selenium.

After that, several AV1 decoding and encoding tests were carried out. 

Finally, the performance of understanding compression testing and big data visualization testing is provided.

Phoronix said that in a total of 104 tests, the Windows 11 system took the lead in 45.2% of the tests, and only ranked last in 23% of the cases. The media also pointed out that, compared with Alder Lake, the performance of Tiger Lake-based CPUs on Ubuntu is slower, which also verifies Intel’s statement that the architecture has specific optimizations for Windows 11, at least for the time being compared with Linux It was like this at the time.

There is some evidence that Intel little.Big architecture leads to poor core selection under Linux and unstable performance. The operating system will still benefit from Intel’s new thread supervisor technology, which will help Windows 11 tasks Scheduling.

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