Midea X9 smart smoke machine: Midea completed the annual shipment of 1 million Hongmeng units ahead of schedule

According to the domestic marketing poster of Midea Group’s Kitchen and Hot Water Division, Hongmeng’s annual goal of one million has been achieved ahead of schedule on November 16, and Huawei’s omni-channel retail sales exceeded 1,000W on November 29.

On October 22, Midea released the industry's first Midea X9 smart smoke machine equipped with OpenHarmony L2 operating system, which was unveiled at the Huawei Developer Conference. On November 11, 2020, the first batch of products equipped with HarmonyOS will be launched. On June 18 this year, Midea Hongmeng Zhilian products were launched on Huawei Mall.

According to reports, in addition to gesture control, long-distance control, and one-key cooking, the Midea X9 smart range hood has added some brand new functions. For example, mobile phone "recipe circulation", docking electronic doorbell and so on.

In October of this year, Midea's IoT operating system 1.0 was released. It is the first full-scenario smart home operating system based on Hongmeng OpenHarmony 2.0. It was launched in cooperation with the Open Atom Open Source Foundation.

Midea's Internet of Things operating system 1.0 has the characteristics of cross-platform, distributed, and openness, and supports a unified plug-and-play platform. It does not need to be equipped with an App for each home appliance.

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