Nintendo will invest 900 million US dollars to expand the first-party studio

According to wccftech reports, game console manufacturers are now in a "competition" state, and both Microsoft and Sony are enhancing their software development capabilities through large-scale acquisitions and the creation of new studios. Nintendo is more cautious than the first two, but it is also seeking to enhance its development capabilities.

Nintendo recently announced plans to invest approximately US$900 million to expand its internal studio development capabilities. Although the acquisition of studios is not ruled out, Nintendo’s current focus is on first-party studios.

Nintendo said:

Our goal is to expand our internal development framework. We do not rule out the possibility of mergers and acquisitions, but our first task is to organically expand our own organization to continue Nintendo’s creative culture. In addition, we will look for opportunities in non-gaming entertainment businesses that have a high affinity with the gaming business. To this end, we will focus on building software assets in areas other than games. Following the "Super Mario" movie, we will also develop new video content .

Nintendo also said that it plans to invest US$2.7 billion to improve user experience and services, including further expansion of Nintendo Switch Online, and improvement of digital stores and My Nintendo services.

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