Nvidia's acquisition of Arm faces stricter scrutiny

The UK’s top antitrust agency said that they would discuss with the US regulator the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) every week about Nvidia’s bid for Arm, which indicates that this large-scale transaction will face Strict review. Prior to this, this transaction caused a lot of controversies.

Andre Costa, CEO of the UK market Celli (Andrea Coscelli), said the deal there is regulatory risk in many ways, a dialogue on the deal, and they indicate the FTC and the American Margaret Victoria Cooperation with the antitrust department of the European Commission led by Margrethe Vestager.

In an interview, Koscelli said: "We are doing a lot of cooperation, the number of cooperation may be more than the individual cases that people know from the outside world."

In response, a spokesperson for the US Federal Trade Commission declined to comment.

Prior to this, competitors and chip customers criticized this transaction. About a year ago, Nvidia announced its intention to acquire Arm. The estimated value of the transaction was US$40 billion. Subsequently, Qualcomm and Alphabet's Google have said that if Nvidia controls the license of Arm's basic chip technology, it may threaten the role of the British-based chip design company as a neutral partner.

Although the transaction has attracted the attention of regulators around the world, the Federal Administration of the United Kingdom was the first regulator to question. They warned in August that the transaction could cause Nvidia to cut off its competitors from acquiring Arm technology. The company’s high-performance design in technologies ranging from data centers to smartphones is used by many companies. In addition to an in-depth competition investigation, the transaction will also face a British national security review.

Koscelli spoke before the Digital Competition Enforcer Summit, which was hosted by the CMA in London from November 29th to 30th. The event is considered to be the first formal meeting of global regulators to discuss how to deal with the dominance of large technology companies. It is expected that the head of the FTC and the heads of competition regulators from the other seven countries will attend the event in person or virtually. The European Commission, South Africa, South Korea and India will also attend as guests.

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