OPPO is expected to bring 125W wired fast charging to Find X4 series

OPPO plans to bring 125W wired fast charging to the Find X4 series of phones to be launched tomorrow. New machines from brands such as OnePlus and Realme of the family will also receive this fast charging technology one after another.

At present, the highest charging speed on mass-produced smartphones is 120W, which can be achieved only by using a combination of dual batteries and dual fast charging chips. IT Home has learned that my country’s semiconductor company Vodafone has previously launched the second-generation charge pump fast charging chip product NU2205. A single-chip supports 100W charging, and two chips are expected to bring 200W fast charging to mobile phones.

The whistleblower also said that according to previous engineering machine tests, OPPO 125W super flash charging, a mobile phone full of 4000mAh battery only takes 20 minutes, and the temperature does not exceed 40W, and the special wire can also ensure safety.

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