Players can no longer worry about a serious problem with the PlayStration 5

Some time ago, bloggers and tech portals raised the alarm with statements that the PlayStation 5 could in the future give players a lot of problems with a dead CMOS battery. 

According to a fantastic scenario, according to which the battery on the console board disappeared or was discharged, and the Internet was unavailable, the gaming device lost the ability to run not only digital but physical copies of games.

According to Hikikomori Media's experience, the latest system update has gotten the PlayStation 5 free of this problem. Through experiments, the enthusiast found out that the console can now safely launch any games. The only exceptions were projects obtained through a PS Plus subscription.

Non-techies will find it helpful to know that the CMOS is the battery that powers the console's internal clock. Each time you start the game, the system checks the time and confirms the right to use the content. If the battery runs out, the console can do this through a remote server.

The PlayStation 4 had a similar problem, but Sony fixed it back in September.

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