Poco will release its first watch and tablet

Chinese smartphone company Poco is gearing up to enter the smartwatch and tablet markets. Poco products continue to gain popularity among users in India and other markets. The company is thinking about the budget class, but also produces mid-range products.

The company plans to unveil the Poco M4 Pro smartphone as early as November 9th. It is also reported that Poco now plans to expand its product portfolio in the wearable and tablet segment. Before the official presentation of the M4 Pro smartphone, the head of marketing Angus Ng shared the first details about the new products of the ecosystem.

Angus noted that it is important to “start small,” and added that they will not deviate from the brand's philosophy. The company plans to avoid risk and take precautions. The company also plans to release other wearable devices, power supplies, and audio devices to create its own ecosystem.

In addition, Poco also wants to further decouple its software from MIUI. Poco Launcher in Poco smartphones is currently the only noticeable distinguishing factor. According to the head of Poco Global Kevin Qiu (Kevin Qiu), the company is considering the possibility of making additional adjustments to the software.

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