Qian Xuesen named VR "Ling Jing" 30 years ago

The virtual reality technology (Virtual Reality, VR) is a new practical technology developed in the 20th century.

According to People's Daily Online, in the early 1990s, Qian Xuesen began to understand "Virtual Reality" and thought of applying it to the level of human-computer integration and human brain development , and named it "Spirit Reality".

On November 27, 1990, Qian Xuesen mentioned in his letter to Academician Wang that the Chinese translation of "Virtual Reality" could be "人为景境" or "灵境", and said that he "especially liked it" "Spirit Realm", Chinese flavor is very strong".

In addition, in the letter dated July 3, 1993, Qian Xuesen also pointed out that the "spiritual" technology and multimedia can greatly expand the perception of the human brain and enable people to enter an unprecedented new world.

According to the report, Qian Xuesen believes that the emergence and development of "spiritual" technology will expand the perception of the human brain and the experience of combining humans with computers, bringing the combination of humans and computers into an era of deep integration.

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