Qualcomm CEO Amon: The key to "Meta Universe" is "IoT Next" chip Snapdragon

Qualcomm held an investor conference on Tuesday to promote its so-called "IoT Next" chip Snapdragon. The company's CEO Cristiano Amon even declared that this It will become the new frontier of the Internet of Things and the key to the "meta universe".

Snapdragon is a Qualcomm mobile application processor and modem platform . According to Amon's introduction, most of the "meta universe" devices in the industry, including Facebook's Oculus Quest, are supported by Snapdragon. Oculus Quest 2 has sold 10 million units so far and is the first major consumer device to run on the Snapdragon XR2 platform.

The president of Qualcomm, who attended the investor conference for the first time as CEO, also mentioned Meta co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his keynote speech, who made his debut at the Facebook Developers Conference last month Launched "Meta Universe" and changed the company name to Meta. Zuckerberg said at the event that the company has been cooperating with Qualcomm for many years in this area.

Qualcomm is currently developing next-generation CPUs for Snapdragon, and its chief technology officer Jim Thompson (Jim Thompson) said that the new products will be available in six months. Amon believes that the entire XR category , including AR and VR, will "beyond the smartphone field."

In fact, Qualcomm's continuous exploration of new opportunities is part of the company's reduction of dependence on Apple and its iPhone. According to the prediction of its chief financial officer Akash Palkhiwala, Apple will start in 2023. Among the iPhones sold, Qualcomm's share in the iPhone will drop to 20%.

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