Qualcomm CEO Anmeng: 40-50% of Samsung Galaxy S series will be shipped with Snapdragon chips next year

Samsung’s Galaxy S series flagship phones generally carry two different chips, one is its own Exynos chip, and the other is the latest flagship chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon.

During the Qualcomm Investor Day this week, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Anmon revealed that he will continue to cooperate with Samsung in 2022 to provide Snapdragon chips for 40-50% of Galaxy S series phones . As we all know, the main force of Samsung Galaxy S series shipments next year will be the Galaxy S22 series.

Anmeng’s statement confirms the previous rumors that Samsung intends to use more Qualcomm Snapdragon chips on the Galaxy S series.

Qualcomm will continue to provide chips for the Galaxy Z Fold/Flip series of folding screen phones in the global market in 2022, but it is not known whether it will include a sequel to be launched next.

According to TheElec's previous report, Samsung Electronics will launch 64 smartphones and tablets next year, 31 of which are planned to use chipsets provided by Qualcomm, 20 will use Exynos chipsets jointly developed by Samsung Electronics and AMD, and 14 will use MediaTek chipsets. , 3 models use Zhanrui chipset.

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