Qualcomm promotes the diversification of its chip business

Analysts pointed out that as Qualcomm promotes the diversified development of its chip business, the loss of Apple, a customer in the future, may have less impact on its profits.

Investors once believed that Qualcomm's fate would fluctuate with the market performance of Apple's iPhone because the iPhone uses a key "baseband" chip from Qualcomm to connect to mobile data networks. The disadvantage to Qualcomm is that Apple is developing its own baseband chip and is preparing to replace Qualcomm's products.

However, as Qualcomm prepares to give a speech to investors on Tuesday, outlining plans to use its chips in everything from virtual reality headsets, self-driving cars to telecommunications equipment, analysts believe that the loss of Apple’s commitment to Qualcomm The impact of profits may not be so great. "Frankly speaking, Qualcomm's revenue is reaching the point where people no longer worry that Apple may leave." Investment bank Bernstein analyst Stacy Ragson said.

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