Razer Thunderbolt Symphony RGB fan launched

The dart fantasy fan released by Razer last month is now available for 299 yuan for the 120mm version and 329 yuan for the 140mm version. According to reports, the Razer Thunderbolt fan has a maximum speed of about 2200 revolutions per minute. Its fan blades draw on the design concept of fighter wings, which can bring strong airflow and build a more reasonable heat dissipation channel for your case.

The official said that the thunderbolt fan can still maintain low noise characteristics when it rotates at high speed, thanks to its hydraulic technical bearings. Users can also adjust the fan speed to make your host quieter. The user can also connect the computer and the dart fan through the PWM fan controller, and the speed of each fan can be adjusted and controlled individually, which can be easily implemented in the Thundercloud 3 software. Connect the dart fan to your computer through the ARGB controller, and users can customize the lighting effects in Thunder Cloud 3 and enjoy a better immersive gaming experience.

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