Samsung Display is expected to release 18 million foldable OLED panels in 2022

According to the forecast of the analytical company UBI Research, Samsung Display will produce 18 million foldable OLED panels next year. Dowooinsys, the glass plate subsidiary of Samsung Display, is also forecast to expand its ultra-thin glass (UTG) lines, which are used in flexible panels. Dowooinsys glass is obtained from the German company Schott.

Samsung Display currently has nine production lines for foldable OLED modules. UBI Research estimates that no more than 8.1 million panels will be manufactured this year. Taking into account the share of the output of suitable devices on assembly lines, the volume of production of devices with folding screens will not exceed 7 million units.

If we apply this calculation to the forecast for 2021, Samsung Electronics could produce between 14 and 16 million foldable smartphones.

The source notes that Chinese smartphone makers also buy foldable OLED panels from Samsung Display, but the purchase volume is small compared to Samsung Electronics' volume.

In total, this year, about 8.9 million foldable OLED panels will be delivered to the market, of which Samsung Display accounts for 91%. UBI Research predicts that this number will increase to 49 million units in 2025.

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