Samsung Electronics: Supply new advanced automotive chips to the public

Samsung Electronics announced on Tuesday a new type of automotive chips for the demand for advanced automotive chips, one of which has been applied to Volkswagen's infotainment system.

According to a Reuters report, Samsung Electronics stated that the demand for high-tech automotive chips is rising, which can handle more entertainment consumption and increased electronic components in automobiles, and the company will actively respond to the growing demand.

It is reported that the new car chip was developed by Samsung Electronics' logic chip design company "System LSI", which includes a 5G communication chip that can download high-definition video content during transmission and a power management chip that can provide stable power supply.

In addition, it also includes an infotainment processor that can control up to 4 displays and 12 cameras at the same time. Samsung Electronics pointed out that the chip has been used in the infotainment system provided by LG Electronics for Volkswagen.

Analysts said that both Samsung Electronics and its rival LG Electronics see the expansion of the global electric vehicle market and the rapid electrification of cars as an opportunity to sell more high-tech chips and precision components.

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