Samsung Galaxy Buds 2/Pro headphones may cause ear allergies

Samsung’s two true wireless headsets Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Pro may cause ear allergies, redness, swelling, and itching symptoms. After a user Daniel Bader got the new Galaxy Buds Pro earphones, he cleaned them with an alcohol swab and listened to them for about half an hour. However, that night, the user's ears began to be red , swollen and itchy, and the epidermis was inflamed, causing great discomfort. Fortunately, after a period of time, the ears returned to normal.

At first, the user suspected that it was a problem with the earbuds, so he replaced the earbuds with sponge material. Then, after using it, the ears have allergic symptoms again. The user waited for a week, wearing the Galaxy Buds Pro in the left ear for a 45-minute video call. Unfortunately, at 9 o'clock the next morning, his ears were severely red and swollen, and even the external auditory canal had become very narrow, and he had to go to the hospital.

Not only this user encounter this problem, but some overseas users also expressed similar symptoms on the Reddit forum, and Galaxy Buds 2 also had similar problems. Foreign media Olhar Digital pointed out that the charging contacts on the inside of this headset are nickel-plated, and some people are allergic to nickel. In addition, the material of the earphone shell is not the acrylic used in the first-generation product, and the composition has changed.

The user contacted the Samsung official, and the customer service said that he did not know that this headset would cause skin inflammation, but would continue to investigate. After that, Samsung said that it would set up a special team to study the phenomenon of allergies caused by Galaxy Buds Pro earphones. In addition, this user is supported to refund the headset.

Long-term wearing of the ear hooks of some wired headsets can also cause users to be allergic, such as a headset previously released by Audio-Technica. Therefore, some manufacturers will cover the earphone shell and ear hook wire, and other parts with an anti-allergic coating. As of now, Samsung has not officially announced the specific causes and solutions for some users' Galaxy Buds 2/Pro allergies.

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