Samsung has selected Taylor City to build the second US plant

According to sources, Samsung Electronics, which already has a foundry business in Austin, Texas, has internally selected Taylor City as its second-largest foundry base in the United States and is waiting for the approval of the chip industry incentive-related bill.

Samsung Electronics Vice President Li Zairong visited the White House and the Capitol on Thursday and Friday local time met with senior White House officials and discussed solving the problem of global chip supply chain disruption. And the US incentives for chip companies talked about Samsung Electronics’ role in helping to solve supply chain bottlenecks.

Li Zairong also met with members of the US Congress in charge of the chip incentive bill, and requested that the pending chip incentive-related bill be approved as soon as possible. A source in the US Congress who met with it said that Samsung Electronics will announce the details of its foundry project this week and that $17 billion will be its largest overseas expenditure in history.

According to relevant sources, as a return on investment, Samsung Electronics has received huge rewards from Taylor City, Taylor Independent School District, and Williamson County. If the US House of Representatives passes the "CHIPS for America Act", Samsung Electronics will also be rewarded by the federal government.

According to the statistics of Counterpoint Research, a market research agency, as of June this year, TSMC's global foundry market share was 58%, and Samsung Electronics had 14%. As a foundry factory second only to TSMC in the U.S. market, Samsung Electronics has actively promoted its foundry investment in the U.S. in order to catch up.

The industry speculates that if Samsung’s new US plant can be successfully started early next year, it will be responsible for the production of chips below 5nm, and mass production will begin as early as 2024.

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