Samsung is developing DDR6-12800 memory and GDDR7 memory is planning

The future development blueprints and storage technology innovations that Samsung Electronics disclosed on the day of “Samsung Technology Day 2021”. Samsung is preparing the successor to DDR5 technology, DDR6, which is said to be twice the speed and bandwidth of DDR5.

The DDR6 standard has not been officially confirmed by JEDEC, and the default specification should be around DDR6-12800. Samsung confirmed that the technology is still in the early stages of development, so the data shared by the company may change. Foreign media said that DDR6 overclocking memory is expected to reach DDR6-17000.

It is said that each module of DDR6 memory will have 4 channels, which is twice that of DDR5; the number of banks will reach 64, which is 4 times that of DDR4.

In terms of video memory, Samsung is now developing the GDDR6+ standard, which provides speeds of up to 24 Gbps, which is higher than the 18 Gbps provided by the current GDDR6 standard and is manufactured using Samsung's 1znm process. In addition, the GDDR7 standard is also in the roadmap, but there are no more details.

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